Author: ThePope <asdf>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/28/2023 8:14:47 PM
Subject: Streetball 2023 player reportcards

One of the last HPB's his gameplay suffers from his signal having to be beamed 550km into the sky and relayed back down to the ground resulting in a 2000's era authentic WFA experience. Luckily, he used to play on 150+ ping so he is at home with his connection. Putting him on Gunner is going to disadvantage your team so if it’s his turn to D it better be a engy map. As engy he should throw more EMP's but he’s good at keeping a sent up and is not afraid of taking a fight. On offense he’s an Allstar marine and has the style points RJs. He will time his attacks with plasmas pretty well but is sometimes caught hopping around alone in the enemy FR alone as last man standing. Borg is a difficult role and due to his passive communication on the Mic he should stick to Marine flag runner/ support. Best as support marine or engy.

not sure where he got this name from, looks like a random assortment of letters. Googling it it’s an OTC stock worth $2.95 that sells fancy RJ's and grapples that either lands a cap or ends in a 'killed himself'. He’s not afraid to hold a MCG but you can tell he hasn't put the hours in on gunner yet so lands a Brostar gunner. He will play borg and usually get in but doesn’t have a lot of time in this role yet. Best as Marine flag runner and fills Gunner

The father of streetball, the organizer of almost every WFA revival, and the fact this man has spawned more players than an excellent plasma bomb has earned him the title of 'dad'. An OG fill player he likely has more experience in all roles than any other player and can Prostar any class. His marine may be the top Prostar flag runner as he will show you in his compilation video's but sometimes he will not see opportunities to use his rocket launcher as a weapon and shoot a laser or a gunner that just took damage from a PB. His Borg is Prostar mechanically but he can still improve by coordinating his team more on comms but his little pinky finger press-to-talk key is too busy to chat. Prostar gunner with the best of em, top level engy but its rarely the right call since his Gunner is so good. Best as Marine Flag runner, or Borg, and Gunner

Too many names, hard to keep track of this guy. Is he BigusRickus??? A well-rounded player that can Gun at a Prostar level, he can engy but more as a fill due to his aim being one of his best assets. He definitely goes O as much as he can and you can tell he has a lot of fun doing it. His O game is a pain to play against especially for novice players due to his unorthodox play style and mixing in awkward classes. He will spy against novice gunners, nurse on cancer to bounce his borg in, and his recon is Prostar. His 'exploits' on offense make him unpleasant to play against for newer players so he should be paired against 2 veteran defenders and one 'trainee' to avoid enemy aggravation. Best to let him do any class he wants as flag runner

An all around Allstar player in his main roles of Marine and Gunner. He has the top-level RJ's down and when the situation is right, he is out with the flag. He has a tendency to annoy defense with hyper blasters/rockets from a distance and probably the best support marine. On gunner his FPS experience shows as his aim is great but he hasn't yet put the time in on this role learning setups. He doesn’t have the greatest communication as he’s more likely to tell you how he can’t believe he didn’t get out with the flag rather than where the flag is :) but his stories of misfortune are enjoyable especially the tales of losing the flag water entrance on celluloid

An all around Prostar player that fills many roles well. His level of competence on borg is top G and his marine RJ + grapples are OG. His recon lands flashes and dodges lasers and unique movement style makes him hard to hit if you aren't used to playing against him. He can read the game and mix it up with a savage Arso triple freeze and he forces the opposing defense to always be countering. On defense his gunner is down to Allstar likely due to ping and a history of being an O player, so he gravitates towards engy and paired with experienced gunners he will wreck. His excellent communication and disposition make him one of the best players to play with and learn from. Best on Borg or Engy but can fill any role.

The forever gunner he enjoys shutting down the offense with his 9ping laserMCG and sets the bar for Prostar gunners. Undefeatable in a narrow hallway and you’ll usually find him guarding balcony on cancer or water on celluloid. His great communication on D and his relaxed attitude make him a favorite to play with. His weakness as gunner is he will hang out with low health rather than /kill so if you’re having trouble with him take him to half then punch through on the next run. Sometimes he will stretch his wings on O and either Borg or Recon but his limited hours in these roles reduce his effectiveness but his game is improving quickly

An all around Allstar player he can do any class well. His lack of mic use hinders coordination however so if you’re playing with him its best to follow his lead. On offense has a tendency to switch it up to Spy/Arso and is effective against newer defenders but can get bogged down against Prostar gunners or D friendly maps. His gunner MCG aim is on point. Best as a Flag runner or Gunner.

An all around Allstar player that sticks to the core classes. Probably most effective as engy but can pickup the gunz when the map isn’t engy-friendly. On offense best as support Marine but is picking up borg quickly. Best on Engy or support Marine.

Prostar gunner and difficult to play against especially on D friendly maps he always has to be countered by a good offense or no one is going to have fun. He will call plasma times and hide so he is difficult to Borg against. Prostar engy with excellent EMP's but more valuable as gunner unless he has very good support gunners or it’s a 2v2. Prostar Borg he will always get a plasma in and land a kami. Recon Allstar he is pretty fast but somewhat predictable. Best on Gunner or Borg.

When the NSA isn’t routing his traffic through Dallas Hop 6 and causing massive packet loss he makes a great support Marine or Gunner. Hasn't been around for past revivals and doesn't make every night so still learning roles and doesn't seem to have the binds for borg/engy and has no interest in other classes. One of the funniest guys on the mic with his deadpan humor it seems he has more fun when his connection is bad and teams are unfair. Best on support Marine.

An Allstar marine/engy from back in the day he has been improving weekly after a 20year hiatus and building a new PC. His preferred role is engy and he has some of the best timed EMP's in the game and is aggravating for flag runners. Doesn’t touch gunner due to ping and best to have on engy anyway. Support marine is improving but hindered by map-knowledge due to having the lowest playtime of any player over the last 20years and Injate and Zeus constantly releasing new maps. Best on engy or support Marine.

#1 son, is better at 12 years old than any of us were. Allstar flag runner marine he's learned his playstyle from 'dad' so sometimes will forget his rocket launcher isn’t just for jumps. Recon game is coming in strong and he will be Prostar soon and is now his most effective class if supported properly by a Prostar Borg. Can lose focus if things aren't going well and doesn’t do well on D friendly OG maps with high map knowledge. Allstar gunner best placed on flag. Is making a great effort to improve gameplay daily with communicating plasma times and flag drops. He will probably be arranging our nursing home WFA revivals in 50 years. Best as Recon and flag Gunner.

Who is this guy?