Author: jabes <hauj00b>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/29/2022 12:09:57 PM
Subject: RE: Nothing?

when I say We I mean the duckster and sr god

which are like two of the coolest ppl to ever play WF and WFA.

I guess whats also interesting about this duo is that while I was super young, Casey was rolling PCI w/ SR and I was impotent raging about it in WF

And then years later I'm a little older and Ducky is playing some of the best recon on 2StrongWFA (I think that was the map, really big open field in the middle, balcony, and lower entrance) usually defended with 2 chaingunners and an engineer, the recon could fly through a window in the courtyard of the base, if your marines and cyborg could hit first, then the recon would basically be clear to dive bomb the flag and escape or move it to a more favorable location.


love you guys :D