Author: PnuE <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/27/2022 2:20:52 AM
Subject: Nothing?

I just turned 39! Honestly it happened awhile ago. I expected to come in here and be mass clicking on the posts of current events...Instead it's Hockey...What are we..."Fear & Loathing"?

I say NAY! (I'll never say nay).

Fuck you Maelstrom for making me feel like I didn't personally wipe out the Native Americans.

Fuck you Lando you're being awesome with personal progression, and I hope it continues, but fuck you because you wear blindfolds steering the wheel with emotion.

Fuck you Mikey. We get it..longest troll ever. It's fucking 15 years now and nobody believes you. The left has many safe spaces for you.

It'd only be earnest if I "Fuck You"'(d?) the next person. Fuck you Tones...yeah you...You fucking rattle snake that doesn't attack until someone makes themselves fall down. Oooh tones can't make a post, but he'll reply! =)

Fuck you Aries for trying to groom me since I was 12.

Fuck you Zores...actually I hope you bought that island and it wasn't Fyre.

Fuck you Fresh Meat for.... ... ... Whatever the hell you are.

Fuck You jabes...."Look at me I'm jabes i'm literally so relatable", fucking asshole.

Fuck you Niall we have similar music tastes, but I'm better than you because i'm typing this. Also you jump off top ropes in arguments like Tones. Fuck you guys.

Fuck you Astanyx. Or don't? Or should I? Does V3N0M run this or you? Who do I fuck?

Fuck you Drak, this post might be better if I had whatever the fuck you've had.

Fuck me for coming here for voices of reason/descent. Fuck me because I do respect your guy's opinions, and they have shaped me. Fuck me because I will always find my way back to pice. Fuck me because my wife is sleeping.