Author: Niall <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/19/2021 3:20:15 PM
Subject: RE: vaccines

Uhhh, here in N.B. we've been back to normal-enough-for-me once or twice already since this all started? (too lazy to href anymore, what have I become)

Sure, I don't disagree with general government distrust, and our latest "regulations" these last couple weeks are the first time most people I know said fuck these rules, and broke em anyway. I know enough "health professionals" to have some trust in where they get their info, vs my dumb ass. One of them is even anti-vaxx! Guess who was fired from the hospital a decade ago for stealing the painkillers?

But I also don't have this conspiratorial government/pharma boogeyman mindset. Get the fuckin shot for this unprecedented-in-our-lifetime bullshit, or go live in some freedom island somewhere and look after yourselves so my wife doesn't wanna fuckin die after work every day. If you don't "comply" or they "move the goalposts" again, at least you fuckin did literally anything to try.