Author: Niall <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/15/2021 2:34:10 PM
Subject: RE: vaccines

Hi, here to act like a dick again!

The way I treat it, the very few anti-vaxx folks I've met in person, I've converted some because we're friends and half reasonable "so maybe life is normal again someday" arguments work on most people dumb enough to be against them. Others I meet, whatever, I don't know em well enough, or am near em often enough to care.. So I ain't yelling at you for your dumb ass

But in general, the mass of people who won't get it? They can fuck off. Seatbelts, drunk driving, other vaccines you have to get, whatever dumbass arguments people like me use. Fuck off and stop screwing up my wife's, and millions of other lives, keeping you alive with your bullshit.

But yes I agree the media and government messaging about it is just insane at this point, entirely because covid anything generates the most likes/hates and comments so that's GREAT...