Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/3/2021 10:23:08 AM
Subject: RE: vaccines

I hear you there and this hits home particularly hard. I too am vaccinated and have been since March, primarily for my job, but also to protect my dad who has lung cancer. I’ve always said that I support vaccinations, mask mandates and whatever will actually help slow the spread, but I have also been adamant that we shouldn’t force people to get it and we should never ostracize those that choose not to or are anti vax (for whatever reason).

While I have a fairly open mind about the vaccines, my sister has taken a hardline stance against the vaccine. So now, after several Facebook posts, nasty messages and several small battles, she is no longer speaking to my parents. The vaccine issue split up a healthy parent daughter relationship that is 40 years old this year. She gets so mad at them for trying to push it on her, but she also has teenage sons that are being singled out at school and mocked for “killing all those covid patients”. I still speak with her because from day one I respected her choices and opinions, and even though I try to provide what I find to be good information for her, she refuses and I still respect that…. So we concluded that it’s just not a topic we need to discusss anymore. I’m not going to belittle her or cut her off, she made her choice. I’d like to think Amy friendship or relationship could survive politics or healthcare, but that seems to be waning lately.