Author: PnuE <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/13/2021 4:03:12 AM
Subject: RE: UPDATE

Clouds of smoke and my world is on fire. Somehow the surrounding populous had a safe 4th. Early morning of the 6th mother nature asked us to hold her beer. My in-laws are on a level 2 evacuation notice. Smoke quality has some air. We've had fires before, but these bad boys are close, and they surround our "bowl-shaped" valley that we live in. Hundreds of thousands of acres with homes and livelihoods are a sunder. Shit is insane. We live in the middle of this bowl, so my only strife is the air quality. My aforementioned in-laws are about 20 minutes away, and when you go into that small town you drive next to a park that sits by a river. That park is littered with tents from volunteer firefighters. It's a truly thankless job. Every single one looks like they've been through hell, and the majority aren't even locals. I don't like to throw the terms "Brave" or "Hero" around, but these fuckers are selfless. Toss a beer to your volunteer.