Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 5/3/2021 4:30:58 PM
Subject: RE: Q into the storm

I pretty much agree with everything you just said... I, as well as many people are sick of being plotted on one side or the other. Click baity meme bullshit tearing through twitter is more influential than any civil rights activists or protests.

I know the poll questions were a bit misleading at times, I was just trying to help the point across that this isn't just a blip on the radar, and bye bye Qanon/Flat earth conspiracy theorists... most of what I'm hearing is that this is just the beginning. The left doesn't get a pass here either, when all of a sudden we can pick our gender whenever we feel like it and no black person can do any wrong anymore.

The mistrust sewn by Trump against the mainstream media definitely put a spotlight on AN issue, but so many people that trusted him now lost all their faith and trust in the news. It's easy to believe in satanic pedo's and the deep state when the opposing argument is calling it batshit crazy. That basically re-enforces their opinion that conspiracy X is true. If Biden says COVID is bad, then it must be nothing. If Trump says illegal immigration is a problem, then the other side will take everyone they can get.

It's not about what's best for the people anymore, it's what will piss off the libs, or tank the right. Truth has gotten lost in the middle of it all and we should have seen this coming a decade ago when facebook, twitter, instagram and all that shit started becoming more and more popular. We HAD to have known it would turn from door to door grassroots campaigning into a social media clusterfuck of misinformation. Oh well, what can you do.