Author: ThePope <asdf>     Reply to Message
Date: 5/2/2021 7:40:56 AM
Subject: RE: V for Vaccine

lando my whole point is there are 1000 things that we can prepare for and this was 1 of them. If we spend all our time and money preparing for every 'inevitability' we wont have any production left for the things that matter
youre looking at one of the bad things that can happen after the fact and crying 'why weren't we prepared'
You seem to thing its so easy to make vaccines in Canada profitably but if that were the case someone would be doing it. Have you seen how complicated the pfizer vaccine is to make? I would say its impossible for our population to support. Even the german plant relies on the USA for shipments, are you going to make a stand alone plant too?

In reality were doing quite well against covid because we have partnerships with countries and companies. We weren't first in line but we dont deserve to be
No one is discussing the inequality in vaccine procurement worldwide. Technically if Canada wants to portray itself as a country focused on equality and human rights everyone who is getting a vaccine in Canada right now is taking a vaccine from someone in the world who needs it more. Example there are nurses and hospital employees in countries like vietnam who dont have the shot yet, by accepting the shot if you're just a 35year old Canadian thats an example of inequality

you know what Lando, Canada should focus now on deflecting massive asteroids away from earth because that's inevitable too
Not a straw man fallacy too, its the counter argument to people crying we should have been prepared for this. Governments have limited budgets that they have to decide wehre to spend

Honestly we need to invest 100b a year in preventing asteroid impacts on earth because thats a serious threat

Really no point in replying