Author: PnuE <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 5/2/2021 5:00:35 AM
Subject: RE: Q into the storm

That link is fun.

"More than eight in ten (83%) say they are concerned about the spread of false information, and a majority (54%) report being very concerned."

Count me in on that one, and you should be concerned too. We live in a sound bite clickbait over-reactionary world.

"Eighty percent are specifically concerned about the spread of false information about the coronavirus and vaccines."

This one was never my deal. I knew enough to know that I didn't know. I still wear a mask out of the house and if that makes me a sheep then so be it.

"More than two-thirds are concerned both that the information they receive on social media is not accurate (69%), and also about foreign interference in social media (67%)."

Foreign influence...sure...but I never saw that as the problem. People that are so gullible to get riled up and feel justified posting/defending red herring strawman memes are the problem. These asshats are represented by all age groups and both parties.

"In a “knowledge test,” where respondents were given 10 true or false statements about historical events, most Americans correctly answered questions about past events (e.g., the moon landing, Barack Obama’s birthplace, and 9/11), yet show more ambiguity on recent events."

"Specifically, a plurality of Americans (40%) believe it is true that COVID-19 was created in a lab in China – more answered true than false. There is no indication this is true."

I didn't think it was true either. This poll was done in December 2020, and I'm not sure about the validity but I did see the Real Time with Bill Maher episode, where he had the 2 scientist in his first segment that made the case that the signs point that it was man made. It never showed up on my google card or news feed, but I'd suggest people watch that interview. Mind you for someone that isn't going to look it up and just knee jerk react...they have no reason to assume it was biological terrorism, rather an attempt to make a virus to know how to contain it. Obviously that didn't work well if said story is true.

"Moreover, fewer than half (47%) are able to correctly identify that this statement is false: “A group of Satan-worshipping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media.” Thirty-seven percent are unsure whether this theory backed by QAnon is true or false, and 17% believe it to be true."

If that is how they asked the question than holy shit is that loaded. Let me take a stab at a few. "A group of elites run a child sex ring", "A group of elites are trying to control our politics and media.” "A group of elites are worshipping Satan." I understand they're trying to pack all of the Qanon ideals into the question, but remember this poll was done in a "never forget Epstein didn't kill himself" era.

"Nearly half (47%) believe the majority of protests this summer were violent, while just 38% correctly indicated that this is a false statement."

This is so telling. If that "correct" 38% value is true, then it shouldn't be so hard to figure out why people think otherwise. We only got to see all the worst parts of any cities protest. It was hell in the cities. A fucking group of dumbasses in Seattle got spotlighted for...doing whatever they did.

"Both partisanship and education play a role in belief of these events. Both Democrats and college-educated Americans answered more statements correctly than Republicans, Independents, or those without a college degree."

What the fuck did I just read. "Both Democrats and college-educated Americans" sans "Republicans, Independents, or those without a college degree". Green Party and Libertarian's still at play?

"Thirty-nine percent of Americans agree there is a deep state working to undermine President Trump – another tenet of QAnon. This belief is driven primarily by Republicans and FOX News viewers (a majority of both groups agree with this), though nearly half of white men and rural residents (49% each) agree as well.
However, many more accept the results of the 2020 presidential election (69%) and want to see a peaceful transition to the Biden administration in January (70%).
A similar number to those who would like to see a peaceful transition are also worried about political violence over the next four years (73%)."

"Deep state". I hate that term. I'd like to think of it as Deep Roots. The roots have spread and they don't care about the party. In an age of 30 second attention spans, knee jerk reactions, cancel culture, and Gods granted Murica, our collective hatred nourishes them from every corner. I think the people that will be on the right side of history, will be the ones who weren't aggressively trying to be on the right side of history.

Unbiased journalism is almost dead because we'd rather be angry than informed. Yay human condition.