Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 5/1/2021 2:18:46 PM
Subject: RE: V for Vaccine

Do you know what a strawman fallacy is in a logical argument? If not, I suggest looking it up... I don't think you can equate keeping two vaccine production facilities open in the entirety of Canada to the things you said we may as well do while we're at it. Having vaccine facilities ready to go on a moments notice could save a large chunk of the population if we get another pandemic with higher mortality rates... I mean, it's basically inevitable at this point that it will happen, and do you think other countries will jump in to help Canada when the day comes? Or do you think vaccines will go out to their own people first?

IMO, it would make reasonable sense, given the relative low cost per capita to maintain. It's also an income generator if they can produce readily available vaccines for other illnesses as well and sell them to foreign countries. It's not like we would need to overhaul every system we have to do this... like I said before, we already have the infrastructure to do it.