Author: PnuE <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/26/2021 3:11:44 AM
Subject: RE: Q into the storm

It was a docuseries, I'll admit that.

"I guess the main difference now, is that Democrats are now being vilified as "evil" in some circles, especially since the emergence of Qanon. It wasn't that long ago that Democrats and Republicans were equally religious, and now Republicans take up the lions share of Christians in America at this point.

It used to be the Democrats just wanted to take your tax dollars, but now they want your babies and your babies adrenochrome glands, and they are a force for Satan and AND HAIL SATAN!!!!

I'm okay with divide... it's normal. This kind of divide we see today, isn't the same thing."

You're picking a group that almost everyone in this country hates or hasn't heard of. The part that disturbs me is that you think as I asked before; "I do want stats behind that though. My evidence, though anecdotal, is that nobody in this bright red section of Washington State knows what Qanon is."

You however seemed confident that a very small section of the asshole of the internet, was some sort of a major influence just because it a documentary on HBO.