Author: PnuE <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/3/2021 5:35:34 AM

"all saw a huge opportunity in Q when they realized a good percentage of the population was gullible enough to buy into it"

I do want stats behind that though. My evidence, though anecdotal, is that nobody in this bright red section of Washington State knows what Qanon is.

You mentioned how we've never been so divided before, but John McCain sabotaged his campaign during a Q&A, by telling a woman Obama wasn't a muslim, and he was a good guy. The rhetoric during that campaign was intense. The division before and after that campaign was intense. The planet was dead if we didn't vote Gore, Democrats would destabilize us with debt if we didn't vote Bush. Kerry was too weak to lead a post 9/11 America, Bush will destabilize us with debt if we allow him another term. This is more of the same for me. Trump did it in an unrelenting unflinching manor, but not in one that was unsurprising. He out "Perot'd" Ross Perot.

I will go further down the Q shit, I ain't going to lie it'll feel dirty.