Author: PnuE <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/1/2021 4:55:54 AM

"The cultural shift he created allowed your country to be divided completely. He made politics about good vs. evil , so that his opponents were becoming to some, satanic baby eating murderers. When a country is as divided as it is now directly after a controversial president is voted out would lead some to believe that a lot of the division that exists now comes directly from him. That's pretty easy to see as an outsider."

I can't blame you because you don't live here, but this statement is so ignorant. It's forgetting so many moments in very recent history (last 15 years). I'd argue you heard more about Qanon from left wing sources than right. MSNBC, CBS, CNN gave 4chan /pol/ a fucking platform. They literally showed the world the asshole of the internet and said "This is what people on the right think!".