Author: ThePope <asdf>     Reply to Message
Date: 1/29/2021 4:20:56 PM
Subject: RE: Reddit hacked wall street

then the billionaires turn the game off when they are losing. Nuked my BBBY Jan29 48c. My BB is -28%.
My GME should have mooned and cleared my 4020.69 limit order
instead im stuck at +225% realized and +429 all time
sell orders now at
2/3 my holdings $929.00
1/6 at $1929
1/6 at $9000
i paper handed at a lot at $36, $140, $330 already just dont tell reddit. Added it to my bitcoin fund qbtc
Dogecoin to the moon? meme stocks are the future
GME should change into a multinational conglomerate of meme stocks and challenge Boomer Buffets Berkshire Hathaway at the $315,000 price point
We broke the stock market. Do you honestly think Papa Musk is going to list another company public? if he wants to raise capital hes gonna do it on ethereum contracts