Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 1/9/2021 12:55:03 PM
Subject: RE: LaNdo

Oh, and Creedo. Just as a refresher on logic, if you make a claim or assertion, like that the rioters in DC this week were Antifa, it is imperative that you provide some kind of evidence to support that claim. You provided a link with assumptions and conspiracy, but no facts. Try again, but this time use evidence and facts to prove that there was even one single member of antifa. Provide a screenshot with the persons face, then link to their social media profile and see the years of trump and qanon support.

The EXACT same kind of logic can be used to look at the election results. Any logical person with half a brain can come to the conclusion that it was a free and fair election that did not include any amount of voter fraud that would have changed the result. You can clearly see that the "evidence" being used in courts around the country are being laughed at and dismissed. NO good evidence found to support trumps claims. On the other hand? We have bi-partisan support from poll workers, senators and many other people involved in the election that say it was fair. All Trump had to do was say it was rigged, and you all believe him. That's literally all it took. Worst part is, he said he would do it if he lost... we all knew it was coming. Those members of government that were too cowardly to stand up to him.

You claim to be patriots. You claim to love America... yet you would be okay living in a country where the vice president could steal an election away from a voted in president. You'd be okay living in a country where an election result could be overturned just because the opponent is a sore loser. You'd be okay with overturning an election just because a bunch of sore losers storm the capital and think they can take the power back.

If Trump had gotten his way through this election AT ALL, your country would devolve into chaos. Imagine, just for a second if places were switched. Imagine for a second that it was Hillary claiming a fraudulent election in 2016 and democrats storm the capital. Oh how the proud boys would be calling for heads on spikes then.

He lost, get. the. fuck. over. it. Move on...

That's the difference here. I can clearly show you several people that are confirmed trump wingnuts and conspiracy theorists, and you can't point to one single case of a person NOT being a trump supporter in there. Give me a break, this kind of nonsense bullshit