Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 1/9/2021 12:46:28 PM
Subject: RE: LaNdo

See Creedo, the difference here is that I will investigate the actual truth behind what happened and not come to a conclusion that fits my narrative (which is what you're clearly doing here).

Yes, if you look at NewsMax and OANN you'll get one side of the story, but if you looked a LITTLE BIT DEEPER, you'd have seen how they easily debunked the "antifa disguised as trump". It's also very easy to see afterwards, when these people have been identified, that in fact they are all trump supporting idiots breaching the capital.

I know you won't look or read these, I know there is no use in trying to convince you that you're wrong, but understand how obvious this is and how you're choosing to be ignorant here... here are some links you can look at and ignore:

Oh wait, that's right... you believe whatever trump says and he says that the media lies to you and only he has the truth, so just ignore all the facts, evidence and logic that clearly points to these people all being trump idiots and believe that this was somehow an antifa secret operative... even after we've identified hundreds of these dipshits and confirmed that they've been long time trump/qanon idiots.

It's okay Creedo, I understand you've been convinced of many things by trump, but when you understand who trump really is and that he doesn't give a fuck about you and cares not about lying to you... only then do you start realizing that this whole thing is bullshit. And it's VERY obvious to the rest of us.