Author: ThePope <asdf>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/11/2020 6:26:18 PM
Subject: RE: COVID Restrictions / Mandates

dont pay any attention to the # covid cases of this wave vs the first wave as there was a lot less testing done the first go around. One thing im pretty sure of is that a good portion of people that died with covid19 (i didnt say of covid19) were tested and the deaths are probably represented close to the actual number of deaths in the first wave. if you look at the death graph:
youll see its pretty phat on the first wave. Its not like we discovered dexamethasone and suddenly the death % rate has dropped significantly its just we didnt know the actual number of cases first go around because we didnt have the test
Masks help, but aren't as good as locking everyone in their basement so this second wave is spreading even with our measures of closing small businesses while letting walmart have 50 employees and 150customers in the building at a time
pay no attention to the fact (in ontario) 2724/3916 (69.6%) of deaths are people over 80
that 87% are over 70
that if youre 60-69 your death rate is 2.6%
that if you take a random group of 21,363 30-39 year olds that hundreds of them will barely be clinging to life as it is but only 9/21,363 of people in this age range that tested positive for covid died in ontario
we should probably close the country down for the next 16months until 50% of the population is willing and able to receive the vaccine has an opportunity to save grandma who lives in long term care where the average length of stay is 161 days (pre covid) but LTC accounts for 71% of deaths. they dont call it one floor from heaven for no reason