Author: Astanyx <>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/11/2020 5:09:38 AM
Subject: RE: COVID Restrictions / Mandates

Masks are annoying but fine, do your part.

That said, any job that puts food on the table is an 'essential job' IMO so they shouldn't be shutting everything down and saying, hey sorry about your luck, hope you find a way to pay all your bills and feed your family. Especially when our government employees get their jobs shut down too but continue to get 100% pay, oh and when you finally do get your job back we'll have to do something to raise your taxes so we can pay for all this. This annoys me more than anything else especially with the egregious spending, lots of spending is necessary but Trudeau is going over the top and anything but transparent about where all the rediculous gobs of money is going.

If you can go to Walmart then you should be able to go to any small business taking the same necessary & proper precautions, your literally in no more risk. Small businesses are open in my area currently, they are always less busy than Walmart or any of the other big chains.