Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/10/2020 9:19:35 PM
Subject: COVID Restrictions / Mandates

I know... I'm sick of talking about this shit too, I was just curious as to how the people in this group feel about how their government's have handled COVID. Personally, I'm in Alberta and we're in a quasi lockdown right now. Casinos, clubs, gyms, massage etc. are all shut down and the "essential" services like restaurants and shops are operating at 15% capacity. Province wide mandatory masks indoors/public.

I believe it's fairly obvious that masks are effective at reducing the spread of COVID, moreso the person wearing the mask is protecting those around him or her. I'm not sure how well mandating them or how well shut-downs work, but it seemed to help flatten the curve out here last time we did have a shutdown. We also have anti-mask protestors rallying around downtown Calgary, and I see the occasional person maskless and complaining about having to wear one, but overall it seems like most people are on board and are willing to make the sacrifice to help out.

I'm also biased when it comes to restrictions as my dad is currently undergoing chemo for lung cancer and if he catches a cold, COVID or anything, he will have to stop and delay the chemo. He's also old and getting frail so COVID could easily take him out if he's not careful. When I see people making the effort, I feel thankful that they're doing it for my dad and everyone else that is compromised, I just want to know that it's actually working. The data is fuzzy :/