Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/4/2020 10:47:32 PM
Subject: RE: Politics & Role of Media... but not what y

Same here. I voted Trudeau, but gradually liked him less amd less as time went on. Being from Alberta it’s like voting democrat in Alabama. People here hated him for the wrong reasons... often due to media outlets like Rebel or shitty YouTube videos that make outrageous claims seem thought provoking.

When I was a kid, the nut job conspiracy theorists stayed in their bunkers alone. Now in 2020 every gullible asshole on the planet has found a like minded group to tribe with and thus we have flat earth conventions and people showing up at pizza parlours with AR-15s looking to rescue children from wealthy pedophiles. So much information, so many rabbit holes to go down.

America was ripe for the picking too... 3/4 of the country already believe a Jew zombie came from heaven to save your souls 2000 years ago. And we’re surprised when they believe half the country buys into the presidents voter fraud deep state conspiracy BS? Nope. Nothing surprises me anymore, and if anything I’ve learned not to believe or trust anything I see or hear on a screen, because behind that information is a legion of people trying to get paid. Everyone has an agenda.