Author: Tonester <>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/4/2020 9:59:03 AM
Subject: Politics & Role of Media... but not what you think

I think everyone knows which way I lean. 6" to the left. :)

Technically: I'm a registered Independent. In the last several elections, I've gone probably close to 50/50 Democrat and Republican. Haven't gone and tallied, but it feels about right.

I voted for Hillary but ALMOST voted for Trump. And I think Hillary was a terrible candidate, but I think Trump is a worse person. And I absolutely didn't vote for Trump this time around and think he is a fucking toxic nutjob.

With all of that out of the way... I know TONS of people that I respect very much who DID vote for Trump. And while I feel like they know what they are doing (trading in their ethics for policy), that is a choice they are consciously making.

So why am I posting this?

I'm actually posting this because:

Because most of my closest friends are Democrat and liberal and they talk a ton of shit about Trump and Trump supporters, but they also live in a bubble.

I do not.

I watch more right-leaning sources like Fox, Ben Shapiro, etc than I do CNN. Hell, even NPR seems to hate Trump enough to not hide the fact they are a little biased.

I'm posting this because I think most Democrats and Liberals see Trump supporters as a bunch of nutjobs - they don't understand why Trump has as much support as he does. And trust me, there are a shit ton of these conspiracy-theory bible-thumping nutcases, but they aren't ALL like that.

I'm posting this to show what Democrats are REALLY up against and why the media HAS failed them.

Instead of watching Jimmy Kimmel make light of MI voting hearing, take a look at these videos.

Now, take a look at that same hearing and the coverage from the prime-time talk shows and CNN:


I really think both sides are extremely guilty of this. If ALL you do is look at the source from your little bubbles, the story you get is very different.

Why aren't media groups playing ALL of this and then instead of saying, "Which we now know has been debunked..." actually indicate how/where it was debunked and either read, play, or give a source for that?

Are there any sources that do this? That fairly push and critique both sides? Fox is worse than CNN, imo... with their spin. NPR is too high level.