Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/1/2020 7:22:21 AM
Subject: RE: Achievement Unlocked - 3 Years Sober

Thanks Mikey, appreciate the words!

Pope, I believe the opposite is true for me. After going through what I did, the thought of even trying using again makes my stomach spin. I know there will always be a possibility of me using again, but after trying and failing so many times I am so turned off to the idea of ever being dependent that I don't think the urge to use would ever overpower it.

I personally know 3 former addicts that are now working with addicts to help them recover and that experience is invaluable. Addicts make the best recovery coaches or addiction counselors because they know the hell it is to go through it and they know what has kept them sober up to that point. My mom was never an addict, but she was a great addictions counselor, she just was never able to relate to her clients to that depth ...