Author: Tonester <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/27/2020 9:38:16 PM
Subject: RE: Oh Look Creedo

I'm not suggesting arrest.

I'm suggesting they either need to:
- Clarify statements
- Retract them
- Admit they were wrong / false

And this goes for everyone.

Who said anything wrong about Russian collusion? I think we can all agree that there is some shady shit about how it started, but once the rocks started being turned over, a ton of people went to jail (who are now being pardoned by their buddy). And, the POTUS 100% obstructed justice. If he wasn't a sitting president, he would have been indicted. And if it wasn't for the fact that Trump has threatened to career cancel any GOP member who goes against him, he would have been in deep shit.

Pelosi's statement was in Feb. Which, at the time, was actually accurate. The very FIRST case of Covid was in Jan. The difference is, after more evidence and facts came out, she didn't DOUBLE and TRIPLE down on her previous statements. And much of the Left pushback to Trump's ban on China was them trying to politicize his racism (which was stupid in this case).

Hunter Biden
Where and when did Biden receive money from China? There is no evidence of this and it has been debunked several times. Hunter DID get paid more than he should have as a board member of the company and it was 100% because his dad was VP. Whether or not any favors were done as a result? No evidence. But please tell me this is any worse than what Trump and his fucking offspring have done.

The difference is... they don't REPEAT the lies. If / when evidence comes out, they change their tune.