Author: ThePope <asdf>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/23/2020 8:44:50 PM
Subject: RE: In case you're worried with not enough cri

automation is increasing the production of 1 person thereby increasing the production potential of society. If youre afraid of automation you dont understand that the technological revolutions of the past are what have allowed us to collectively enjoy the society we created. we didn't have yoga instructors and personal trainers 200 years ago because our ancestors were all busy trying to put food on the table. now less than 1% of humans have that job so we have created other things to do with our time. If youre afraid of AI taking all our jobs you dont realize that 90% of everyone's job today didn't exist 300 years ago. If youre afraid of AI killing all humans you should probably watch the terminator series in its intierty and realize john connor will save us. Automation isnt a new thing its been going on for hundreds of years, being afraid of not needing people to drive trucks across country is equal to being afraid of a milk man not having a job because of the invention of the refrigerator