Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/22/2020 10:56:56 AM
Subject: RE: For Creedo

Creedo, you understand that the political parties that you support, including Libertarians all agree that the election was not fraudulent right?

Jo Jorgensen, the person you voted for, also believes Biden won. Fox News believes Biden won. Want to know who is contesting the results? OAN news, Brietbart. Maybe one or two others...

Biden was predicted to win, Trump knew he was going to lose, and are you really that surprised that more Americans side with a guy like Biden over Trump? People fucking HATE Trump... he fucked up, a lot.

The only way you can convince yourself Biden is bad is if you accept the utter bullshit coming from the far right that says every single democrat is a wild demon, rioting and calling for communism... that’s the only narrative trunk could use against Biden and it doesn’t even come close to working against Biden, a clear centrist. A regular democrat.

So yeah, I understand why you believe what you do. I know you’re susceptible to accepting misinformation, and I don’t call it misinformation for the hell of it. There is a reason there is a consensus and bi-partisan agreement on things like mail in ballots and that fact that Biden won. The answer? Because in a democratic society, something they hold dear to them, it’s important to listen to the majority. It’s very clear, when you open your eyes and look beyond the flat earth, that way more people dislike trump than like him. Again, people voted against trump, not for Biden. Biden’s a cookie cutter politician, and if it wasn’t Biden it would have been another version of him, one that 65-80 year olds can get behind.

If you’re actually that surprised that Biden won the election I would encourage you to step outside your bubble and speak to regular people around the country. Hell, go on a 20 state tour or something... I’ve seen more states than most Americans and I’m not surprised in the least that people voted against Trump.

Creedo, you seem quite convinced that the election was rigged and that Biden never won. What kind of evidence would convince you that the opposite is true? Would Trump conceding be the only evidence you need? Because in reality, the only thing holding trump back from conceding is his bruised ego.