Author: Tonester <@home>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/22/2020 8:36:24 AM
Subject: RE: For Creedo

And as the 3rd or 4th reminder:

Spreadsheets, tweets, and press conferences are not truth or facts.

Can't fake am that shit in the courts (that this administration has been packing) and it's getting thrown out left and right.

The sad thing is?

Polls are showing something like 70%-80% of Trump supporters think the election was rigged and Trump won.

Because Twitter was "censoring" misinformation, they have all gone to Parler. Parler, OAN, and a handful of folks in Fox have become this echo chamber of propaganda.

If Trump doesn't put out a statement that he was wrong and it wasn't rigged.... he should be fucking executed for treason. This is some civil war crazy shit he is trying to pull.