Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/21/2020 6:04:44 PM
Subject: RE: In case you're worried with not enough cri

Oh and AST, it’s not just the left saying the election was fair and not fraudulent, it’s also the conservative members of each state that were part of monitoring and operating the polls that are saying the election was legit and not fixed.

That’s how logic works, as baffling as it may sound... you must provide credible, verifiable information to reach a conclusion. If you think trump is using logical arguments to claim the election was fraudulent why don’t you go see what his lawyers are using as “evidence” of voter fraud. How about all of the suits tossed out of court immediately? How about republicans all over America claiming it was a legit election.

Like seriously... if there was ANY amount of actual voter fraud that would change the result of the election so you not think the evidence would have surfaced by now? If that happened, you’d think brietbart and OAN would be all over that. Like Christ... even Fox News has accepted reality at this point.... nobody saw that coming.

You can believe whatever you want... that the election was rigged, that the earth is flat or that JFK is alive and working at the GAP in Rochester, I don’t give a fuck, but don’t expect to convince anyone else of moderate intelligence without providing some evidence first. And keep in mind that when you’re making a claim, like “the election was rigged” the burden of proof is on you, as you’re making the claim. Just like how climate scientists had to provide evidence to claim that man caused global warming is real. Or how a flat earther would need to provide evidence that the earth is flat. Then again, some of them believe that there’s enough “evidence” to prove this as well, but only a handful of incels believe that evidence is valid.

Hope this makes more sense to you... not sure I can explain any better how we come to know things are true or not.