Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/21/2020 5:53:45 PM
Subject: RE: In case you're worried with not enough cri

I think you may be the one with reading comprehension issues, or maybe you’re susceptible to conspiracy theories like our buddy creedo... regardless, facts don’t change.

No, I’m not selecting sources I agree with, I’m using sources that are exactly that... a source. You can either look far from the actual source of information or you can look at the most credible info. So far, coming from trump, he doesn’t have a great track record on providing factual and verifiable information. Climate scientists? I’m sure some of them have an agenda, but the majority of them are using the scientific method to come to their conclusions or theories... fortunately, when it comes to climate science, it’s fairly plain to see the data they are using comes from decades of research. Some through universities, some through labs, some from the government. The other side? I’m not seeing any data that can’t be refuted. Just about any climate change denying I’ve seen is easily debunked and there is a consensus on what is accurate and what is not. If you actually believe that the vast majority of scientists could be working under an agenda, I would recommend speaking to some of them. I’m not a climate scientist, so I wouldn’t do a good enough job of explaining it over text, but the info is out there and not very hard to find.

What baffles me is how some people can hear two sides of an argument and then automatically assume both sides are equal. It happens all the time in bad arguments devoid of logic. Just because trump claims fraud, doesn’t make it so. If republicans and democrats raised red flags in the election I woods think differently, but it’s fairly transparent when he says beforehand that the election is rigged if he loses. So who do you listen to? The poll officials and workers that were there observing the election as well as the thousands of other election officials, or do we believe the guy that lost the election and is now butt hurt? I mean, his base believes literally whatever he says, and he knows this. So what’s the harm in calling the election fraudulent and making a big scene? He’s a shitty loser. He admits this. To anyone else, this is fairly obvious, but to others that either can’t accept reality, or have just joined the cult of trump, it only matters what he says. Don’t believe me? Why not spend the 20 minutes it would take to see what the people in charge of the elections in these states are saying ? Wait what? Because you don’t like what their version of the truth is? Oh okay, they must be corrupt. Makes sense.