Author: Tonester <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/20/2020 8:05:14 PM
Subject: RE: In case you're worried with not enough cri

Except Russia did interfere with the election (through social media bots and fake accounts).

And... Social Media put in way more detections and preventative measures for that. It didn't work, they still tried to do the same thing and several of the fake shit got through.

Democrats aren't harping on it this time because they won. And if they had lost, they would be saying it again... but that doesn't make it any less true.

The reverse isn't the case.

They are claiming "voter fraud" which IS NOT TRUE.

Russia interference via social media and planted / made up stories? True in both elections.

Voter fraud? Not true.

The "winner" isn't complaining about it this time because... well, they won.

Bias fallacy.