Author: Tonester <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/20/2020 6:25:45 PM
Subject: RE: For Creedo

35 cases to date.

Won 2 (which were technical loophole-type things about whether or not Covid-related voting changes could be allowed).

Lost 33.

LOST 33.

This isn't the news or the media or sheep.

These are judges (democrat and republican) where THE TRUTH AND FACTS ACTUALLY MATTER (unlike TV, Twitter, Breitbart).

Are they in on it, too?

The whole world is out to get Trump?

How about this notion?

Trump is a fucking moron. And even Republicans know it. But when the first couple tried to say that, he "Tweet canceled" them and got his base to not vote for the people who got out of line. (Don't get me started on the whole anti cancel culture that Trump and Conservatives hate so much... but just supported an administration who operated in one for 4 years).

But guess where you can't just fire everyone who doesn't agree to go along with your lies?


I wish it would go to the Supreme Court, but it never will because it doesn't even get close to meriting it. But having a Supreme Court (where half of them were appointed by the guy) have to shut him down would be the thing necessary for some small % of the 70M pee-brained idiots who voted for him to maybe be smacked out of their delusion.