Author: Tonester <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/20/2020 6:08:05 PM
Subject: RE: For Creedo

I'll try to keep this simple.

Several of these are NORMAL. These are "errors" in ballots being SENT to people. They are not being double counted, they aren't illegal, fraudulent, etc.

This would be like getting sent 2 tickets to a baseball game with the same barcode on them and then thinking they will both work (they won't).

Soo... any of these links that have to do with BALLOTS and not BALLOTS COUNTED (as in VOTES), are just completely normal clerical bullshit errors that happen all the time.

Did you know there are NINE STATES that send ballots to EVERYONE automatically and they've been doing that for a while.

The first link you post that isn't about the above issue is about a primary election from August of this year.... which was due to an issue with how things were classified. Which, BTW, went in Trump's favor in 2016 IN THE SAME COUNTY, when a recount wasn't possible due to how fucked up it was. But this isn't the case IN THIS ELECTION.

Again, FOR THIS ELECTION, which thing is evidence? Even the last thing you provided had shit in there that had nothing to do with 2020.

The next one in the list... again, nothing to do with VOTING. Ballots didn't make it to people, so they have to do provisionals instead. And, it was Baltimore County which is heavily-skewed towards Democrats. And, FOR THE 100th time, this was for an election in June/July... not the presidential election.


You are accusing us of "turning a blind eye" to evidence, but none of this is evidence of people's vote totals being manipulated.

Where is the proof?