Author: Astanyx <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/20/2020 8:43:59 AM
Subject: RE: In case you're worried with not enough cri

I'll try one last time I guess then I'm done? You seem to have some serious reading comprehension issues spread out through a lot of posts

I didn't say I agreed with him, I didn't even read what he wrote, all your posts come off as completely closed minded despite you saying the opposite

"FFS people, do your own research and you'll figure all this shit out on your own. Look for legit sources, verifiable information and stop following these assholes that have obvious agendas behind them."

legit sources = ones you agree with?
verifiable information = same?

Don't like the company he works for so he has an agendas, maybe? arent climate scientists paid to do studies by someone with an agenda too?

Science can't be bought, scientists can. Bias is everywhere, it isn't one sided.

The same shit about the votes, 4 years ago the left was screaming about Russian interference and 4 years later they are saying that the voting system is rock solid and complaints about fraud aren't real?

Can't have it both ways.