Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/20/2020 7:55:50 AM
Subject: RE: In case you're worried with not enough cri

So you do realize you can get a doctorate and still be hired by a private energy firm right? You can still do peer reviewed research, and yes this guy has done some ... but none of it works towards the original point that he is trying to make, saying we will "have too little co2" and that the problem in the future will be we won't have enough of it...

Yes, I'm going to point to the vast majority of climate scientists that will laugh this guy off the stage... you won't hear one of them saying they believe too little co2 is a real or actual concern.

Is this guy a doctor/scientist? Yes... but it's quite obvious on his research, his books and all of his writings that he has an agenda. A massive agenda, backed by large energy companies.

If you had cancer and wanted the best treatment possible and you heard that one doctor said drinking a litre of vinegar every day was going to cure you, while 800 other doctors tell you that's bullshit, and you need an oncologist, would you still think that appeal to consensus is invalid? Why are you okay with it when it comes to climate science? The facts have been presented and have been out there for a long time now, and the consensus from the great majority of scientists say that too much co2 is the problem and if we don't change things soon, we may not be able to go back... in the sea of data, scientific studies, peer reviewed research is one voice of a guy that is hired by energy companies saying "BUT WHAT IF WE TAKE TOO MUCH CO2 OUT??? WE NEED TO BE CAREFUL NOT TO REMOVE TOO MUCH!!!" How fucking absurd and idiotic of ANYONE to believe this drivel... like seriously, give your head a shake. This is like saying "our town is overrun by lions and they are killing everyone, but if we kill the lions there won't be any lions left and they will go endangered! Let's just leave them alone for now, we don't want them to be endangered".

I'm done arguing about this shit. It's fucking 2020 and if you haven't figured out that climate science is legit at this point, you're fucking hopeless. If you're buying arguments from people saying we'll take too much co2 out of the air, you're a complete moron, because the pure logistics of this make no sense. Hell, we can't even pull enough carbon out of the atmosphere to make any kind of detectable impact. Yes, China has these carbon capture towers already placed around some cities... but it doesn't make 0.000000000000000000000000001% of difference in the grand scheme of things.

FFS people, do your own research and you'll figure all this shit out on your own. Look for legit sources, verifiable information and stop following these assholes that have obvious agendas behind them.