Author: Tonester <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/19/2020 12:29:11 PM
Subject: RE: For Creedo

Creedo... please tell me this is not how you view the world?

Right, wrong, or indifferent, there is a VERY stark cultural and political difference with how "the left" and "the right" have reacted and handled the Covid-19 pandemic.

Democrats have been encouraging people to vote absentee or mail-in.

Republicans have been saying that system is flawed and not a good way to vote (as in, don't use that system... go vote in person). You also have a president who took great pride in saying Covid-19 isn't a big deal, its a hoax, etc.

If you don't see where I'm going with this....



More so, you had the sitting president (and their campaign strategists) building up a narrative to proactively discredit the results of the election BECAUSE THEY KNEW PEOPLE WOULD VOTE THIS WAY... and they are also aware of HOW VOTES ARE COUNTED.

That last part is important.

Some states count mail-in/absentee votes as they come in (up to weeks before election day) but they don't REPORT them until election day because they don't want that to sway election day turnout one way or the other (smart).

PA is not allowed to open ballots or count them until election day. There are other states that do it this way too, but MOST of them count beforehand and then report on election day so it is ALMOST INSTANT.

When PA election members suggested changing their election laws to be MORE LIKE THE OTHER STATES, they were shot down by the Repulican-lead leaders.

Please tell me you now know where I'm going with this?

So when you had several states with very early leads for Trump and then had Biden come back to win it with "magical mail-in ballots", it is because all the in-person votes were counted first / as they happened and the mail-in ballots had to be batched, opened, and counted all in ONE DAY instead of several days or weeks. Those take longer and were added LAST.

- Some states can't start processing mail-in until day of.
- You had a pandemic which resulted in more mail-in than ever
- You had huge amounts of interest so you had more votes ever
- Democrats overwhelmingly voted mail-in

It isn't magic. Its the way it has ALWAYS worked, but you never had partisanship with in-person/mail-in.

But, is it a coincidence that a Republican-lead state body blocked attempts in PA to avoid this problem?

Is it a coincidence that Trump "predicted" this would happen?

Again - go down the list and attack each claim, on its own.

They. All. Fall. Apart.

Nothing "wrong" happened. It worked exactly the way it is supposed to work. And if anything, the Republicans have taken strides to PIGGY-BACK their strategy onto the pandemic and the partisan lines between how Republicans and Democrats would vote.

If anything, THEY are trying to steal the election.

Each State has bi-partisanship oversight, observers, and viewers. Yes, people are allowed to send in their own observers, but they DONT GET TO CERTIFY and CHECK THE ACCURACY OF THE WORK.

And this is exactly why the ones in Philly were thrown out. They tried to go in and OBJECT TO ALL BALLOTS instead of just the ones that had discrepancies.

Holy. Shit.

I cannot believe there are 70 million people who can be sooooo easily manipulated.

There are soooooo many scary similarites between what Trump has managed to accomplish and how Hitler came to power. If you don't understand things like:

- Confirmation bias
"We can't have a democrat for president so this fake video of Biden getting his States mixed up must be true or this story of him leading a secret pedophile ring must be true" You believe the things that validate your already own exist beliefs or tendencies.

- Propaganda
"Our observers were kicked out of Philly", "Covid is a hoax", "Biden will sell our country to China", "if we lose, its because its rigged"

- Destabilizing the "source of truth"
"The media is biased", "fake news", "alternative facts"

Holy shit.