Author: Tonester <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/17/2020 10:36:16 AM
Subject: RE: Trump vs Biden 2020

Creedo... I went down that rabbit hole.

I personally researched and tried to verify 4 reports in the days right after the election day.


All known claims (beyond the norm that are made every year for both sides) have been debunked. There are always tons of nitpicky things here or there, but there is nothing widespread.

1) Poll watchers were kicked out because they were trying to illegally object to EVERY ballot for Biden. Why? Because the President asked Poll Watches to go and do something. So they showed up in Philly and disrupted the entire thing... at "ballot challenging stations" where there were already a member of each party doing their job. But instead of objectively challenging ballots, they tried to BLOCK ALL BALLOTS because they said "the whole thing is illegal"... which is isn't. So yes, they were kicked out for being disruptive. The non-disruptive and objective Republican watchers stayed there and continued to challenge ballots.

The list goes on and on.

People recanting their affidavits because they were "i heard from someone that blah blah blah" but when asked about the person they referred to, there is no name and/or that person doesn't want to swear under oath that what they said was true.

You have judges everywhere laughing these things out of court... judges appointed by both sides.

This is why this shit is so dangerous.

There. Is. No. Conspiracy.

For fucks sake. This is some dangerous shit.

I've gotten into so many arguments with my relatives (who are the stereotypical white rural Trump zealot). When push to comes to shove.... it always resorts to, "Thats because they are covering it up".

And for every single one of these outlandish allegations of fraud and conspiracy, I raise you:

- Shady-ass gerrymandering
- Shady-ass voter suppression

For fuck's sake.... the Trump army is trying to throw out votes ON TECHNICALITIES... not because there is any actual fraud. They have gone on the record as saying they don't want everyone to vote who can.

Think about that.