Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/14/2020 9:58:49 AM
Subject: RE: Trump vs Biden 2020

Yeah, who would have thought Trump was actually a GOOD president for dealing with guys like Kim ? I certainly didn't, but it makes sense... he does the tough guy routine where as Obama, Clinton and Bush just left the animosity fester.

What Trump did in the Middle East was great as well, but the media won't tell you that, because it's hard for them to make him look good after bashing him 24/7 for so long. That doesn't make him a good president, it just means he did some good alone with the shitty just like any other president that has been elected. Problem with Trump was he actually didn't give AF what anyone thought of him, including his base, including those he hired to work for him. He probably found it impossible to lower himself to the level of a filthy politician.

Biden will get the same grief Obama got... he'll make similar moves, he has many of the same people in his camp. The far right will call Biden the anti-christ and the left will dub him our saviour... once these narratives are in the air, it won't matter what he does... just like Trump.