Author: Astanyx <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/13/2020 7:53:53 PM
Subject: RE: Amend your constitution...

I never said anything about automation and AI not co-existing?

I simply said you've misunderstood what AI and automation are. Your article says the jobs were lost to automation.

'One study estimates that about 400,000 jobs were lost to automation in U.S. factories from 1990 to 2007'

For example. A machine on an assembly line putting pickles into a jar and closing the lid and slapping a label on it (replacing a human worker) is automation but it isn't AI, it isn't intelligent, it isn't making human like decisions or learning, its doing a simple task that its been explicitly programmed to do and nothing more. This is common and will become more common for sure.

Now this:

"Companies closed call centers employing human customer-service agents and turned to chatbots created by technology company LivePerson or to AI platform Watson Assistant. "

Would be a form of AI but also automation, interpreting, making decisions etc. But we are still quite a ways off having hundreds of thousands of jobs lost to that kind of technology.

The key part of AI is intelligence.