Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/9/2020 10:42:39 PM
Subject: RE: Amend your constitution...

I understand. I also know how budgets are used up so as not to appear as though that department doesn't need that funding... makes sense, and it's been happening in politics and government from the beginning.

I guess the problem I see here is that if you give each state all of the power, barring military spending, you're still entrusting your individual freedoms to whomever is the leader of that state right? Could that leader not start doing messed up shit that isn't good for the people in the state? Isn't giving all the power to each state essentially making each state it's own country? How very European of you!

All jokes aside, I just don't see how this would change much, except make things worse. You wouldn't be so much a country, as a state... sure, each state can follow the constitution, but what if one state has a different idea of what falls under that constitution. For example, I could say that muting my twitter account is against my constitutional rights in Georgia, but in Florida muting my twitter account is ok. Just like the bible, it all depends on how you interpret it.

I don't know... I see your point and I see the upside, but I also think that if you have a country that is founded on good core values like freedom and liberty, that those values should be implemented from the top down and be in clear and concise terms for everyone. Each state can squabble about what means what, but daddy America has final say.

I truly think at this point in civilization we should be evolving politically and we aren't... We value sentiment and emotional connection to our past. We all want to believe that our forefathers had good intentions when they came here, but if we evolved in politics the way we evolve with technology, we wouldn't be worried about having to hand a physical ballot or mail a ballot... we would be using top of the line state of the art encryption to ensure that everyone is accounted for.

The way we do everything is changing rapidly, especially after COVID. More people working from home. Interviews taking place on Zoom instead of in person. Some things are just a shit ton more efficient online and I'm certain that voting would be as well if you did it right and kept the voting system in a bubble. Some day in the future we will have figured it out... I don't think for one second that it won't happen someday, but I doubt I'll see it in this lifetime.

Anyways, politics...religion blah blahblah.