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Date: 11/9/2020 5:00:53 AM
Subject: RE: Amend your constitution...

Most welfare programs are already state run, but they still receive federal money on top of what they budget, so citizens essentially pay for those services twice.

My ideal system is to remove government waste. Government agencies bloat their budgets every year with zero care about the American tax payers. If government agencies or services don't use up all of their allotted budget it will go down the following year. So, at the end of every year they scramble to find out what they can waste their extra budget money. That shouldn't happen. That is a concentrated effort to fuck every tax paying citizen and it happens every year. The worst part is these agency's and services are so ingrained that it will never get better.
Liberals see agencies called "US Institute of Peace" that Trump wants to defund and lose their minds saying he is trying to create violence. Go read what that agency does and tell me wtf the point of it is. They serve no purpose but wasting millions of tax payer dollars every year and that's just one of hundreds of examples. Go read this article:

All waste. All tax payer funded. Bottom line is we don't need the federal government outside of national defense. Let the states and the people run their own lives and the country would be a billion times better.