Author: ThePope <asdf>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/7/2020 2:28:11 PM
Subject: RE: Trump vs Biden 2020

its really not worth replying to lando is it.
1)i was making the point that media was saying it would be a landslide Biden win meanwhile its razor thin margins all over.
2)you cant say that mail in voting is more secure than in person. Not commenting on what influence the sudden widespread acceptance of mail in voting had on the results of the election or assisted Biden more than trump but its a dangerous way of holding votes in a democracy. voting in person alone at a poll station or advance poll is more secure than mail in voting because there is ID verification and your ballot is filled in privacy. If you dont think there were many instances of an abusive spouse forcing their partner to fill out the ballot they want then youre out of your mind- and im not saying either trump or biden supporters are more likely to do that. Or a spouse filling out a ballot that arrived for their spouse with dementia. Or Dad making their young voting age child who lives at home vote the way he wants
You dont have to support one side or the other to raise these questions impartially

"it makes you wonder if the 'fake news left run media' purposely ran a campaign of misleading the public in thinking trump had no chance to discourage people from voting for trump.
why the sudden approval of mail in voting that you just have to sign and not be witnessed by someone impartial? Mail in voting wasn't a thing 200 years ago when a lot of people had to travel half a day to cast their vote because its not a secure way of voting. People can be coerced to vote a certain way by others where if people go to vote in person its one person per ballot and you have to vote in private to prevent that. No one would agree that mail in voting is more secure than in person voting"