Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/6/2020 7:20:22 AM
Subject: RE: Trump vs Biden 2020

"People can be coerced to vote a certain way by others where if people go to vote in person its one person per ballot and you have to vote in private to prevent that. No one would agree that mail in voting is more secure than in person voting"

Like, you know Trump is lying about mail in voting being unreliable right? He said from the beginning that he wouldn't accept a Biden victory. It's quite clear that he can't stand being the 'loser'. He loves to call other people losers, including dead war heroes. So him being called a loser? Of course he's going to set himself up to be in a "rigged election" if he loses. That way he doesn't have to call himself a loser, but a guy that was cheated by the evil rioting liberals. That's the clear narrative.

If mail in voting is so insecure and leads to so many 'bad votes' then why does the president himself use mail in ballots? Your mail in system may be slow, and cause confusion because some post-dated ballots can be counted after the election is over... but that doesn't mean they're 'bad' or 'less verifiable' than in person voting. In fact, there has been no good evidence to suggest that election fraud by way of mail in voting is an issue at all. This is why Twitter is taking unprecedented steps in fact checking that dumbasses tweets and adding notes, because he's lying and people that like him believe his lies.

If you take a step back from everything, I really hope you realize that your views on issues like mail in voting are completely influenced by Trump personally. If Trump hadn't mentioned a thing about mail in voting, we likely would never have seen any outrage about it at all.