Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/1/2020 6:27:15 PM
Subject: RE: Amend your constitution...

Easy there buddy. Maybe you don’t realize this but the blatantly obvious over simplification of my political views and the political views of literally everyone that considers themselves a democrat or liberal. I would equate this to saying that you and all your trump supporting buddies hate anyone that isn’t white, would rather have blacks as slaves again and would turn America into a police/fascist state.

See how that works? You can take the extreme view of the left, make the right sound so utterly reasonable. This is called a straw man fallacy and if you’re interested in a discussion I’d suggest not leading with one.

You may peg me as liberal because I support funding our healthcare system, I support gay rights and marriage and I support women’s choice. I don’t support defunding the police, I don’t support rioting, I don’t support mandating people use proper gender pronouns and I don’t support people trying to silence anyone including Gavin Mcinnes or Alex Jones. I’ve been called a Nazi, I’ve been called a libtard, I’ve been called a white supremacist and I’ve been called antifa.

I personally don’t give a fuck what a stranger thinks of me, but I do think it’s simple minded to know a handful of things about a person and then assume to know what their ideologies are based purely on your own perception of them. It’s kind of why America is so divided right now, because nobody is willing to actually listen anymore, they’d rather just assume based off what Tucker Carlson or Rachel Maddox tells them. Poor, youve obviously been duped into this camp.along with the majority of people in your country. It happens here too so I’m used to it, I was just hoping someone in here would be able to use logical thinking over dogma and emotion is all.