Author: LaNdo <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/29/2020 11:30:31 AM
Subject: American Media

For all the shit Trump has done, I'm glad his election resulted in some exposure into political journalism in America. He did a great job of highlighting how biased they all are and it is now commonly known that major media outlets like FOX, CNN, MSNBC, OAN have huge stakes in elections and ride for or against whoever the head of the company wants them to.

It's just getting worse though now... I used to get my news from the BBC or The Hill. I often read through FOX and CNN just to see the extreme angles, but lately they are all starting to blend together. They aren't even attempting to hide bias anymore...

Here's a FOX "BREAKING NEWS" moment, when some "secret documents" were being shipped to FOX headquarters and were mysteriously intercepted and are now missing. So yeah, FOX news basically thinks half the country is stupid enough to believe that damning physical evidence would get lost so easily and that they wouldn't think to make a copy before sending via courier to FOX headquarters.

Then you have CNN, who hires a guy like James Clapper who denied Snowden's claims of the Obama administration spying on the American people under oath. There's a revolving door of politicians going into places like CNN and MSNBC.

When does mainstream media go away? Does it ever happen? Shouldn't laws of evolution kill it someday?

The thing that baffles me constantly is how we consider government to be in the public sector. Trump hasn't released his tax returns? huh? The senate, the house... all of them keeping massive secrets, hiding shit, redacting documents. WTF is going on when the public sector is hiding just about everything they do, and the private sector (us citizens) have zero privacy? The government can spy on your phone records, they see who you communicate with, they know who you are, where you live, who your family is and probably how many squares of TP you use when you shit. The government (left and right) have swapped places with you. How do you get that back? Now that COVID is here and they've taken a few more freedoms and taken away a few more rights, do you really think they'll ever give them back? Scary times right now... people are talking about how a civil war isn't an absurd idea in 2020. like wtf? Where's the party that unifies people? Where's the party that looks out for the population instead of the politicians? It wasn't Obama, it wasn't Trump. It's not going to be Biden when he gets elected.