Author: DraK <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 9/17/2020 6:27:28 AM
Subject: RE: drak

Dude thats a great idea, thanks. I will do that. I actually wi ll and not just saying that.

Roadmap is - Resume updates Oct 1 with a release of a fully coded interactive map. Most people havent seen previous updates because there is no true navigation bar. Because Ive been working on coding my own regional map with a small company who does "something" like the map I would need already.

Oct 1 Resume. Delaware and Florida are already done except i definitely listen for last minute releases (as was the case with the video on the bottom of the Alabama page here: United States of Hip Hop - Episode 01: Alabama -- i contacted them and they released the video the instant I publsuhed my site and I got about 5,000 hits from Alabama throughout the next 24 hours. I still think that is one of the highest skilled/best rap on my entire site. I love every single one of those bedroom rappers that show up on the track.

I do love Connecticut update/ the state in general. But i want to make sure people who have heard mostly only that one have also expanded and checked out the other 6-7 pages. There is some good stuff everywhere! So I NEED this map to go up. Then purchase links? Hell yeah, thanks man, goodidea. I already talk to every single artist (or in rare cases, their managers if they are toobi big , ugh not looking forward to Florida.)

Thanks for the interest ! Makes it totally worth.