Author: Cornholio <mymodem gmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/28/2020 11:20:01 AM
Subject: RE: Ok seriously. WTF is going on right now..

I personally saw the black triangle with orange lights while I was in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan 20 years ago. It went right over my head while I was walking. It didn't make a sound and it looked just like the ones in the UFO magazines I used to buy (pre internet). It was big and low.

Years later I saw a ball of light zig zag down to the ground faster than gravity would pull it. 10 seconds later it zig zagged back up into the sky. I told my dad about it and he figured I saw it spiraling and not zig zagging. Like how a spring has a zig zag profile when looking at the side of it. Dad said it slowed down using the greater horizontal distance to travel the lesser vertical distance. (think of the path the metal takes in a spring)

Remember the U in UFO means unidentified. Moose Jaw has an Air Force base nearby. Maybe area 52's black triangle was on tour?

Are we ready for the truth? Watch the Bob Lazar video on netflix.

I saw this: