Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/14/2020 11:32:57 AM
Subject: RE: Your biggest regret. Peal back the curtai

That's rough man... I have no excuse, my mom was an pysch. nurse that worked in a govt run addiction center and my dad was a psych nurse in mental health. No way should I have gotten hooked! Funny (or not) thing is, my sister was a severe alcoholic up until about 2 years ago... we've both struggled with addiction since adolescence really.

This is why I'm not shocked when I see the number of deaths related to opiates... the numbers of people dying are above COVID, but rarely the media or anyone bats an eyelash at it. A lot of people still think it's a personality thing or it's for people just trying to get high, not realizing the potential those drugs really have on people. Lot of people move from prescribed opiates to heroin because it's cheaper and often easier to get...

Breaks my heart because so many things that help people with addictions like safe injection sites get a bad wrap in communities and there are many people fighting against them. Those people that get hooked on that shit need a LOT of help, because it's damn near impossible to kick alone.