Author: PnuE <>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/14/2020 3:12:17 AM
Subject: RE: Your biggest regret. Peal back the curtai

The hate rank goes:
1. Cancer
2. Opiates
3. Movie covers that have the names of the actors that don't match the order of said actors on the cover.

Jokes aside...I've seen those two destroy multiple family members lives. I was adamant about getting my mom to smoke weed for a pain reliever. It worked for her, but this was before it was medical, so she only felt comfortable getting it if I came out of town to visit her.

When she "accidentally overdosed" and I was clearing out her place, I found the false book that had some pills and a razor blade. My mom didn't even know how to use a pipe with a carb. Apparently she did know how to crush and snort Hydros.