Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/11/2020 9:48:15 AM
Subject: RE: Your biggest regret. Peal back the curtai

My only regret in life was ever touching opiates or opioids. I went through an early 20’s adventure by backpacking around western Canada, living in my tent, hitch hiking and working on orchards.

The hippy life certainly always includes drugs, so at this point in my life I was experimenting with coke, ecstasy, mushrooms acid etc. And I was doing them all. It was certainly one of the best times of my life and I met some people I’ll never forget... but throughout this adventure I ended up getting mixed up with criminals disguised as hippies, they even had dreads :/ I was naive tat the time too and was also introduced to meth, crack and OxyContin. I was experimenting with drugs and gave each one a chance. Nothing stuck except for the Oxy. I never did any of the hard drugs again, but once the oxy wore off I knew I needed more, and more and more again.
When the time came that oxy was harder to get, I started buying it online through international shipping. It was surprisingly easy to find. When that we’ll dried up I would take whatever I could get to avoid withdrawals... OTC Tylenol 1, morphine from medicine cabinets, even poppy seed tea was a common staple for me. In a one year span I managed to go through physical withdrawals about 10 times just trying to quit, but the depression and mental anguish afterwards was too much to bear.

I got married, had kids and cleaned myself up a bit, but that beast was always nipping at my heals. I never dealt with the true grip it had on me until March 2018 when I found help that worked. Got started on Suboxone maintenance, got clean and never touched anything since.

Some people can kick opiates no problem and some people it’s damn near impossible. I was lucky to get out of it with my family in tact, but it almost ruined me and my family several times. If I could go back and not take them, I would. Everything else was an “experience” but opiates was more of a trap than anything. The craving and desperation it puts you in is pure hell. I have genuine sorrow for those I see hooked on heroin and pain pills, only because I know the struggle that ensues if you get hooked on that shit.