Author: PnuE <>     Reply to Message
Date: 7/11/2020 12:56:43 AM
Subject: Your biggest regret. Peal back the curtain.

I feel this needs a preface, because the only reason I have my family is because of the decision I made. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

I wanted to be an internet guru. I nabbed the q2wf webpage and started editing it. He used frames, and I fiddled with the code enough that I started understanding what I was manipulating. I was about 13 at the time. I used that knowledge to make a..."great" clan website on I even worked it around the ad banner. I was sure about what I wanted to do in life. We were kinda early with the internet, but there was this one commercial that made me baby boner. It was a trade school, but ITT Tech showed me in 30 seconds that I could become a badass in the field.

I went to ITT against some military requiters desires. I'd already designed my schools webpage, I had flash elements in there. I was ready.

I was expecting to be with people that knew atleast what a power supply was. I was wrong. I learned credits didn't transfer. My photoshop teacher had me go in front of the class to teach how I made tentacles for a picture (simple high point triangle and shear it). Our math teacher did a 3 class lecture about how carbon dating is false. He was ultra religious, and it didn't fit his narrative for earth being 6 thousand years old.

As of 2016 they're shut down. By far the dumbest decision I've made in my life. I hook lined and sinkered a marketing add.